News from Hout Bay by Portia Msamo

                                                A DAY IN THE LIFE…


My name is Portia Msamo and I am a black, female South African and an incurable enthusiast. I have lived in Cape Town my entire life and have a deep love for my country and its people. I love the arts and all things “design”, be it fashion design, interior design, graphic design and even architectural design. I am working towards being my own boss and am studying towards a degree in Business Administration at TSiBA (Tertiary School in Business Administration).

My journey with the Mike Nightingale Fellowship began last year when the CEO of TSiBA, Adri Marais introduced me to Mike and Nigel, during a trip they had made to Cape Town for the fellowship. They told me a bit about the fellowship and the projects it supports in Hout Bay, where I live, and wanted to know if I would be interested in helping them with things locally while they were abroad. I was thrilled at the opportunity to be more involved in the activities of my community and I felt it was a very worthy cause to be part of.

It’s been about eleven months now that I have been working with the fellowship and it has been a huge learning curve for me but a fantastic time nonetheless.

This is the first issue of “A day in the life…” and is just an introduction to me and my work with the fellowship. In following issues I will introduce you to the other organisations that we work with, them being: Little Angels, Ikhaya le Themba and Everyday Heroes/Ikasi Youth. I will give you short profiles on the founders of the projects and a sneak peek into some of the things the kids and the community are getting up to in the valley of Hout Bay.

I hope I have captured your attention for at least the 3 minutes it took to read my little happy speech and hopefully you will be back for more…

This has been Portia Msamo, signing off from the southernmost tip of Africa. A good day to you further and remember to do something nice for a stranger, they will appreciate it more than you know.DSC_0002 adj