MNF is managed by a Board of Trustees that meets quarterly to review the activities of the charity. Central to this regular review is receiving and discussing reports from all the organisations we support in Hout Bay, South Africa as well as matters of finance and corporate governance. We have decided to post a summary of the reports received and actions agreed on our website to keep our supporters informed of our activities.


is an after school club for 8 to 12 year olds situated in Imizamo Yethu, the largest informal settlement in Hout Bay.

It is with great sadness that we have to report the abduction and murder of valued staff member Thuli and her husband. The aftermath of this tragedy has meant that the Director of Ikhaya le Themba, Susan Hill, has not been able to produce a 3 monthly report at this time. Everyone from the Fellowship is thinking of the bereaved families and colleagues at this difficult time.


is the umbrella organistation for the EVERYDAY HEROES, which is an after school club for 14 to 18 year olds in Imizamo Yethu  The Everyday Heroes was founded by Nathan Roberts who introduced MNF to the concept of targetted educational support through clubs helping boys avoid the criminal gangs in IY by providing safe havens where they can get specialist academic help (Maths and English) and vital life skills development. We are delighted that the current director, Maresa du Plessis, has successfully introduced girls to the club, and, using the range of Training Booklets MNF funded to assist both students and course tutors. It is very gratifying that the Booklets are proving to be an excellent tool for the roll out of the Ikasi Youth teaching model to an ever widening audience throughout South Africa.

Extract from their 3 monthly report:

Ikasi Youth Imizamuo Yethu

Ikasi Youth has had a very rewarding year. We have grown a lot as an organisation, both in impact and in capacity. We overcame many obstacles, some more challenging than others. We grew as a team and we gained more vision for our organisation. We are excited that we are now an organisation who is impacting youth throughout the Western Cape, and soon hopefully throughout the whole of South Africa.

Stephano and the team have done extremely well leading the Ikasi Youth Programme in the last semester. The centre has grown, youth are more motivated to attend sessions and we had new members joining up until the end of the year. Stephano also increased the number of sessions to every day of the week (excluding weekends). He believes that this creates more consistency. The vibe amongst the youth has become more like a family. The messages on the Ikasi Heroes Whatsapp group sometimes goes up to more than 50 messages a day, which to us is a sign of positive group cohesion

Leadership Programmes and Partnerships

On 20 November we had a feedback lunch with some of our partner organisations. The positive feedback about our programme has been absolutely amazing. Youth are buying into the programme and it is having a real effect. One facilitator even reported that the programme has led to reduced drug abuse among their youth. He said the local school principle asked the organisation what they are doing differently, because he could see the difference in the youth. We also received feedback on how we can improve our programme. We learned that despite the significant impact our programme is having and a real sense of excitement and commitment among most of the youth, some organisations still struggle with attendance. Some youth are not showing the needed motivation, others are kept away by academic requirements and others are kept away by domestic chores and having to look after younger siblings. These are realities that are difficult to change, and much of it we have experienced in our own clubhouse. It helps that we have this understanding of the situation. We will continue to work with our partner organisations to try and find solutions to these challenges

 Leading Ladies Report

We have also received positive feedback from our Leading Ladies partners who have reported that the ladies really engage with and reflect on the leadership content. Two of the females from the Leading Ladies programme provided the following feedback:

“Being part of the Leading Ladies has changed how I see myself as a person. I have grown so much over the past few weeks. It has been almost a great adventure and while I was here, I made new friends plus they make me feel like I can trust someone, although it was hard from the moment I stepped in as a Leading Lady. I feel like I can communicate much better and are finding myself in a comfortable position sharing my feelings with friends and family.”

Leading Ladies for me is a real eye opener. It has helped me to know myself better, to know my weaknesses and my strengths. I know my worth now and I love the activities we do and to let other team members describe each other in words; words that I would never use to describe myself. I am looking forward to completing the course”


is a creche in the ‘coloured’ township of Hangberg near the waterfront in Hout Bay. It caters for 90 children aged 18 months to 6 years old mainly from households where the parents are receiving rehabilitation for drug addictions. The Fellowship has been their main funder for the past 7 years covering both teaching and running costs. Despite serious issues with land tenure and poor accommodation, the creche has a very high reputation managing to place a large proportion of its pupils in very good local primary schools.

For the past 2 years the Fellowship has taken a hands on approach in helping Little Angels formally register with the Western Cape Government. Once this complicated procedure has been achieved, the creche should be eligible for Government funds for each pupil, allowing our support to be refocused on the facilitation of better buildings.

Little Angels Children with Director Liezel Matthews

Huge thanks to the dedicated work of trustee Nigel Draper in the UK and Local Representative, Phindi Zondani for their tireless work helping LA Director, Liezel Matthews, navigate the this complicated procedure. There is light at the end of the tunnel with some key elements, such as fire approval, in the process of finalisation.

Extract from Director Liezel Matthew’s report

30 Little Angels is going to big school, a huge amount will again be going to Disa primary, 3 will be going to Kronendal, 2 to Campbay primary, a few to Sentinel Primary school. I’m proud to see that so many will definitely start a successful school career in 2020. Even though this kids face so much with drugs epidemic in Houtbay, the Little Angels still proves to me, that i need yo go on, and focus on the positive.


is a crucial service of parental support provided by Jacobus Matthews and funded by the Fellowship. Making sure the children have safe and supportive homes to return to is a vital part of the success of Little Angels and this is an area that we would like to further invest in once registration is completed.

Extract from Jacobus Matthews report

 I can proudly announce that this last few months was a huge challenge working with  drug affected parents, some came back from The Rehabilitation center. I’m proud, 5 daddies are clean. We do have some of the parents, specially moms in this program still heavily addicted, not easy working with people who don’t really try, but the group that comes out strong, is making me realise that I need to keep working hard. 


is a very lively after school club for boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18 in Imizamo Yethu. It has close links with Ikhaya le Themba, drawing many of its attendees and teaching staff from Ikhaya. The club provides a wide range of activities with an emphasis on self reliance achieved through sports, such as cycling, basketball and swimming. Although the Fellowship are not committed to formal support, one off grants are made to fund particular programmes. This year the grant was for the parental support programme.

Parent Centre:
We had our last term parent meeting, where the parents were informed about the activities that took place for the past 2 terms.  We encouraged them to assist us next year with recycling and also that we will host our end of the year AGM where we will share a budget for 2020. The meeting was held in our new classroom that was builded out of sand with the assistant of UBU, Ikhaya le themba and other partners. We will share the space with another youth programme called Sisterhood.  We issued 20 food parcels for Christmas to parents and kids who attended. hat arose as a direct result of the group discussion held during the fellowship trustee visit to Hout Bay in April this year. The subject matter for the group discussion, attended by 20 key MNF colleagues and supporters and some expert guest speakers, was centred on facilitating affordable and safe housing for disadvantaged people in Hout Bay.


It became clear during the discussion that the youth of all 3 communities in Hout Bay feel seriously under-represented in the decision making process surrounding future housing opportunities and want to be directly involved in determining the future shape and content of their communities. A steering group for a youth forum with representatives from all 3 Hout Bay communities has been set up and an initial discussion held.

We asked the Steering Group to set out their vision for the future for this Trustee Meeting and this is their response:

Hout Bay Youth Housing Forum

Thank you very much for asking me to put my thoughts together on how I see the youth housing forum moving forward. As I responded to your email is that I prefer meeting with the ladies  and also hear their views . I believe that we all have put in our own time and skills (Facilitation, administration, catering, community etc) to make the last two events that we hosted a success. I must say that the turnout was amazing and the response from the youth was positive and exciting. Indeed we are looking forward to see Hout Bay representing a Rainbow nation that we all wish specially sharing a living space.

I have met with the ladies and this is what we feel. We all see the need for the youth forum to continue but not necessary concentrating on housing but also to add on skills development, entrepreneurship, job creation and proper affordable living spaces for them. We hope to see diversity and unity among the three communities and that will start with the youth.  We see this plays out in two ways:

Youth forum: A space for young people to come together and share ideas, connect, and dreaming together. This doesn’t have to be registered as an NGO but rather a forum; meetings can be once a term.

Affordable houses: This can be a different entity that is registered as a business that will be run by the ladies and also including some of the youth members and other partners with different skills. We still need more discussions on this..

Once we have decided what this entity will be, then we will design a proper business plan to be presented to potential donors. We know that this might take time and we hope that we can move forward as a team. Our next meeting will be in Mid January and we hope that we can also partner up with the Fellowship in making this a reality.

Thank you…..

Kind Regards

Mhinti, Phindi, Nicky, Portia and Liezel..


After the September Trustees Meeting, the Trustees held a workshop to explore future plans for the Fellowship, especially in relation to initiating fund raising activities in South Africa rather than relying on donations from the UK.

This has led to dialogue with South African supporters with the object of forming a firm future policy.  We will report on progress with this as it develops.


In line with our usual practice of having one major fund raising event a year, Eynsham Village Hall is booked for a Valentine’s Barn Dance to start at 20.00 on 14th February 2020. We will be providing excellent music, a licensed bar and fund raising games all for £10 per head.

Please tell your friends tickets will by available at the Eynsham DIY from 7th January or through the organiser, trustee Margherita Pierini on email margherita.Pierini@mikenightingalefellowship.org


With the kind assistance of Michele Ricciardi, we are in the process of improving the management and presentation of the website starting off with a commitment to posting a quarterly update of the Fellowship’s activities