Mike Nightingale Fellowship working with Ikhaya le Themba


MNF is supporting three very effective charities in Hout Bay, a vibrant suburb of Cape Town, all of which focus on the well being of children from the townships of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg.  We believe the key to providing a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future for Hout Bay is to improve education, employment opportunities and housing for children and young people.

We support very young children through Little Angels in Hangberg, and older boys through the Everyday Heroes Club in Imizamo Yethu.  Ikhaya le Themba bridges the age gap and feeds older children to the EHC.

Last year the Mike Nightingale Fellowship partnered with iKhaya leThemba in improving the After-School program that offers physical, emotional, social, spiritual and educational support to orphaned and vulnerable children between the ages of 6 and 13 years old. The Fellowship  funded a new Child Care Worker, as well as the shortfall of their Program Manager’s salary to enable her to increase her hours.

This funding has seen the following benefits:


A new Child Care Worker enabled the Program Manager to have more time outside of a set classroom. This means that she was released to take on other aspects of the role that were reduced due to time in the classroom with a set group of children. This, in addition to the increased hours due to the Mike Nightingale Fellowship’s contribution to her salary showed a knock-on effect greater than anticipated.

Curriculum Development:

Increased available hours meant the Program Manager was able to research and implement new curriculum ideas. This gave the opportunity to improve the current curriculum, add creative ideas and gain input from all program staff. The result is a curriculum that can now be used every year with the aim to keep improving and ensure that we are up to date with the needs of the children in the classroom.

Training & Development:

The Program Manager was able to focus on training the Child Care workers, both as a team and individually. This individual attention is due to the increased hours, but also availability to move between the different classes to observe and offer feedback. This means that individual Child Care workers gain one-on-one input regarding their class and skills.



The team formed a great relationship this year and worked hard to develop their resources. These resources have been developed with underprivileged children in mind and are cost-effective meaning they can be duplicated by other schools/programs even if they do not have much funding. The development of resources is a constant need.



Another role that the Program Manager was able to take on was Volunteer Management. iKhaya le Themba has regular volunteers who need direction and input. Regular Dutch interns are also available but all of that requires time. Their numbers have improved and their quality of support has too – mainly due to direction from the Program Manager.


Monitoring & Evaluation:

This is an area that they had hoped would improve, but had no idea that it would see fruit so quickly. The additional time has allowed their Program Manager to improve and introduce new monitoring and evaluation processes. This means they have a far better idea of the impact that they are having on their children’s development. This information is available upon request from the Program Manager.



One of their hopes had been for greater networking opportunities and this has happened across the board for their program team. Child Care workers have visited schools, met with teachers and parents and one Child Care Worker has worked closely with a team of social workers. The Program Manager has made numerous valuable connections enabling them to clothe their children, offer them educational outings, receive great resources such as books, etc, and much, much more. Although they are not yet able to measure the full impact of these relationships in terms of impact in numbers, they have seen their circle of support increase dramatically.

Program Director Susan Hill said:

Thank you, Mike Nightingale Fellowship, for your contributions and trust as we have stepped up our service delivery to our beneficiaries and their families. This vital funding is setting iKhaya le Themba firm upon the path to consolidating our After-School Program and evaluating its impact. This would not have been possible without your support.