MNF is managed by a Board of Trustees that meets quarterly to review the activities of the charity. Central to this regular review is receiving and discussing reports from all the organisations we support in Hout Bay, South Africa as well as matters of finance and corporate governance. We have decided to post a summary of the reports received and actions agreed on our website to keep our supporters informed of our activities.

Housing in Imizamo Yethu


is an after school club for 8 to 12 year olds situated in Imizamo Yethu, the largest informal settlement in Hout Bay.

Here are some extracts from their report from Director Susan Hill.

Following the robbery and vandalism on our premises iKhaya was hit hard with a lot of expense but we pulled through.  The greatest miracle – our caretaker Phila’s life! He was hospitalized with TB at end of June and we all felt the weight of how much he does for iKhaya, including the children. Thankfully he returned to iKhaya 27 August a little bit lighter, bright-eyed but no bushy tail. We celebrated with the rest of the staff with his favorite, a KFC lunch.

91 children are still feeling happy, safe and secure with warm tummies and bright smiling faces. There are no staff or parent complaints and the staff team look forward to seeing some great results on the children’s school reports. On behalf of iKhaya staff, parents and children we wish to thank the Mike Nightingale Fellowship for trusting us with a generous monthly donation that is impacting hundreds of lives – from 91 children and their families to the 10 local staff and 10-12 international volunteers who are with us each term.

November brings 200 Americans to build out a 2nd container for Sakhisizwe – the older guys will help build with Barry Lewis and we are excited about the possibilities and opportunities this may provide for further housing in ImizamoYethu. Mhinti and Susan are talking more about the future of Sakhisizwe and the youth. We’ve also had a great outpouring of past iKhaya students who now are being challenged at their schools to serve their community in some way. We are thrilled at the number who are choosing iKhaya to do so. Homework Lab is better than ever.

The sewing ladies will be sewing iKhaya bags, potentially holding a quilting class and we hope to make an outing to see how rugs have been woven with t-shirt material strips. Vintage With Love donated some fabric and a bit of funds to help them continue to grow and excel. They have begun growing their own vegetable garden and will be making soaps, sugar scrubs and the usual sewing sundries to sell in the iKhaya Café. Thank you so much Mike Nightingale Fellowship Trust. We can’t wait to send you pics of the build with the youth forum in early November.

All in all, things are going very well still for iKhaya. We still have our daily challenges – teaching our cook to cook well and learn how to do stock take and plan events but we are making progress. Our last outing for the year will be a ride on the boat to tour Seal Island on 20 September.

We are excited by the potential opportunity of a pilot housing project springing from new accommodation for Sakhisizwe (see their report below)

iKhaya’s Premises


is the umbrella organistation for the EVERYDAY HEROES, which is an after school club for 14 to 18 year olds in Imizamo Yethu (classroom pic please Nigel) The Everyday Heroes was founded by Nathan Roberts who introduced MNF to the concept of taregetted educational support through clubs helping boys avoid the criminal gangs in IY by providing safe havens where they can get specialist academic help (Maths and English) and vital life skills development. We are delighted that the current director, Maresa du Plessis, has successfully introduced girls to the club, and, using the range of Training Booklets MNF funded to assist both students and course tutors. It is very gratifying that the Booklets are proving to be an excellent tool for the roll out of the Ikasi Youth teaching model to an ever widening audience throughout South Africa.

Lessons in progress at Ikasi Youth

Here are some extracts from their report.

Leaders from Hout Bay United Football Club visited our leadership session to see Stephano’s facilitation skills. HBUFC will also implement the Young Leaders Programme with their youth, as this leadership programme forms a vital part of their strategy of reaching and impacting youth of Hout Bay.

Strategic Shift to a Training Organisation
We decided in 2018 that the most cost effective and impactful way for us to expand, would be to equip other established organisations to run their own version of the Ikasi Youth Leadership Programme, rather than looking to start our own new centres (as was our previous long term strategy). This decision has more than halved the cost of roll out.

Impact of growth over the last 12 months
As mentioned in our 2018 reports, we felt it was vital to invest in growing Ikasi Youth so that we could become attractive to larger funders. It is with great joy that I report that we have grown our impact exponentially this year. From running the program with one group in ImizamoYethu, we have now trained eleven organisations working in eleven different communities all across the Western Cape.

To see the great work these organisations are doing with young people please visit: https://www.everydayheroesclub.org/our-collab-partners


Here is an example of the Ikasi Youth training model being used passed on to a new organisation.

The Ikasi Youth Leading Ladies training (enable by Ubuntu e.V.) took place on 11 and 12 July. This event was attended by ten facilitators from five different organisation. These organisations either already work with female youth or are recruiting female youth to run the Leading Ladies Programme with. Each of these organisations was carefully selected to ensure we have the best match possible for a successful, and hopefully long-term, partnership.

The trainers
The training was presented by Aveleigh Gateman, who is a leadership workshop facilitator and trainer for businesses and non-profit organisations. She also assisted in the development of the Ikasi Youth Curriculums. Her practical experience and theoretical knowledge guided the interactive sessions and she provided relevant and practical advice and answers to the facilitators’ questions. She was assisted by Stephano Nkosi, who has been through the Ikasi Youth Leadership programme as a student and is now facilitating the program to the youth in our Imizamo Yethu Centre. Having grown up in a township, he provided valuable advice and perspectives in the discussions.

The next steps
The organisations have all received the facilitator books as well as the Leading Ladies student books needed to run their programme. Each organisation has also received a monitoring and evaluation mobile application on which they will complete session reports. This will allow us to keep track of their progress and to provide assistance as needed. The facilitators and our training team are also on a Whatsapp group and can keep each other updated on their progress and share any advice or questions pertaining to the programme. Most of the organisation have already started with the program and we have received positive feedback. Seeing their excitement and receiving some of the organisations’ Leading Ladies photos is extremely rewarding for us.


is a creche in the ‘coloured’ township of Hangberg near the waterfront in Hout Bay. It caters for 90 children aged 18 months to 6 years old mainly from households where the parents are receiving rehabilitation for drug addictions. The Fellowship has been their main funder for the past 7 years covering both teaching and running costs. Despite serious issues with land tenure and poor accommodation, the creche has a very high reputation managing to place a large proportion of its pupils in very good local primary schools.

For the past 2 years the Fellowship has taken a hands on approach in helping Little
Angels formally register with the Western Cape Government. Once this complicated
procedure has been achieved, the creche should be eligible for Governent funds for each pupil, allowing our support to be refocused on the facilitation of better buildings.

Little Angels Children with Director Liezel Matthews

Huge thanks to the dedicated work of trustee Nigel Draper in the UK and Local Representative, Phindi Zondani for their tireless work helping LA Director, Liezel Matthews, navigate the this complicated procedure. There is light at the end of the tunnel with some key elements, such as fire approval, in the process of finalisation.


is a crucial service of parental support provided by Jacubus Matthews and funded by the Fellowship. Making sure the children have safe and supportive homes to return to is a vital part of the success of Little Angels and this is an area that we would like to further invest in once registration is completed.


is a very lively after school club for boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18 in Imizamo Yethu. It has close links with Ikhaya le Themba, drawing many of its attendees and teaching staff from Ikhaya. The club provides a wide range of activities with an emphasis on self reliance achieved through sports, such as cycling, basketball and swimming. Athough the Fellowship are not committed to formal support, one off grants are made to fund particular programmes. This year the grant was for the parental support programme.


is a new initiative that arose as a direct result of the group discussion held during the fellowship trustee visit to Hout Bay in April this year. The subject matter for the group discussion, attended by 20 key MNF colleagues and supporters and some expert guest speakers, was centred on facilitating affordable and safe housing for disadvantaged people in Hout Bay.

It became clear during the discussion that the youth of all 3 communities in Hout Bay feel seriously under-represented in the decision making process surrounding future housing opportunities and want to be directly involved in determining the future shape and content of their communities. A steering group for a youth frum with representatives from all 3 Hout Bay communities has been set up and an initial discussion held.


There has been an on-going debate among Trustees for some time. MNF is a UK ristered carity with 5 UK based tustees. The increasing scope and complexity of our activities in Hout Bay, where we are very keen to branch out from our education based services to more involvement in employment and housing initiatives, means that we will shortly be meeting to consider our future plans.


In line with our usual practice of having one major fund raising event a year, Eynsham Village Hall is booked for a Valentine’s Masked Ball to start at 20.00 on 14th February 2020. We will be providing excellent music, a licenced bar and fund raising games all for £10 per head.

Please tell your friends tickets will by available at the Eynsham DIY from 7th January or through the organiser, Trustee Margherita Pierini on email Margherita.Pierini@mikenightingalefellowship.org


With the kind assistance of Michele Ricciardi, we are in the process of improving the management and presentation of the website starting off with a commitment to posting a quarterly update of the Fellowship’s activities.