Mike Nightingale Fellowship Newsletter July 2020

Mike Nightingale Fellowship Newsletter July 2020

Fire at Little Angels


We are very sad to report that Little Angels, the crèche in Hangberg that we have been supporting for the last eight years was partially destroyed by fire at the end June. Although investigations are not yet completed the fire was almost certainly caused by arson. Luckily not all of the buildings on the site were destroyed but the crèche has been left unusable and much equipment has been damaged beyond repair. Liezel Mathews has responded positively saying that she will rebuild the crèche and local supporters have been helping to clear the site and build new retaining walls. New containers have been donated to replace the destroyed buildings, but more financial help is needed to get Little Angels back on its feet. The Fellowship has agreed a special donation to help with the rebuilding.

Some of the buildings are completely destroyed.

The Impact of COVID-19

The Fellowship has supported Ikasi Youth, and Sakhisizwe in IY and Liezel Mathews in Hangberg with their food programmes during the Covid lockdown.  The townships in Hout Bay have found the lockdown very difficult, with many large families living in cramped conditions and breadwinners losing their employment or a large proportion of their incomes. Their problems will not end when lockdown finishes and there will be continuing need for support for many months to come.

Unfortunately one of the impacts of the South African lockdown has been to reduce the Fellowship income from South African sponsors to almost zero and we estimate that future S.A. income will be reduced permanently by 50%.

The result of the position in South Africa means we need to boost our UK income as much as we possibly can. All charities are suffering at the moment and our opportunities for fund raising events this year will be limited.

The 100 club has been the mainstay of our UK fundraising in the past few years and we greatly value the loyal support of the club members. It would be brilliant to increase the membership of the club as we are still some way off our original target of 100 members. If you would be interested in joining, please contact cherry.draper@mikenightingalfellowship.org

If you are already a member  perhaps you could persuade one other person to join?

Revised Strategic Direction

Our group discussion in Hout Bay in April 2019 involving all our stakeholders concluded that affordable housing offers the best chance to bring about the social cohesion MNF would like to foster. It was also clear that the voices of the young people in the community needed strengthening. This led to the creation of the Hout Bay Youth Forum which has been active ever since.

In March 2020 the Fellowship trustees met to discuss the future direction of the charity over the next three years. A revised strategy was agreed, moving away from day-to-day support of the charitable groups in Hout Bay to researching the viability of capital projects focusing on affordable housing for lower income people in Hout Bay.

The Fellowship is now in discussion with an experienced housing architect in South Africa to commission a wide- ranging report this year to explore, in consultation with young leaders in Hout Bay, practical solutions to the housing problem. 

One off donations would be hugely welcome at this difficult time. The easiest way to make a donation is to go to the donate button