Ikasi Youth – iKhaya le Themba Partnership Proposal 2015


One of the central aims of the Fellowship’s work in Hout Bay is to encourage collaborative working between the very effective charities already doing great work in the community.  On our working visit in September 2014, we identified a group of children aged between 12 and 14 that were not being fully supported by either Ikhaya le Themba and were too young to join the Everyday Heroes Club at Ikasi Youth.  We, therefore, set leaders from the two charities the following objective.


Mission: A collaboration between Ikasi Youth and iKhaya le Themba to form a meaningful partnership that supports the youth of Imizamo Yethu,specifically bridging the gap for 7th, 8th and 9th grades.



Vision:  Teen Resource Centre – Youth with Direction Become Future Leaders


The Youth of Imizamo Yethu have very limited access to mentors they can look up to, learn from, and be inspired by. Despite being eager to learn, many middle and high school students must overcome major barriers created by the sheer lack of facilities available in their schools.


The Teen Resource Centre  will provide an alternative to crime and hopelessness;  a safe place to go after school to receive help with homework, research for reports, develop and/or improve computer literacy.


The Centre is designed to bridge the gap for iKhaya le Themba grads entering 7th, 8th and 9th grades in preparation for Ikasi Youth membership.  The Teen Resource Centre will provide homework assistance and computer literacy training in addition to mentorships, building self-esteem, public speaking and the study of community leadership.  Guest speakers from corporate and government organizations will be invited to positively influence students to stay in school, guide career choices; discover future leadership positions among their peers and the community.  Students will develop a community communications publication for youth, develop and participate in  talent competitions with local panellists as judges, launch teen Eco Heroes for community recycling and local clean up of the environment  in Hout Bay as well as participate in tourism projects through iKhaya and City Sightseeing Tours; Walking tours of Hout Bay.


Parent Resource Centre


The Parent Resource Centre will be offered three mornings from 10-2 during school hours in the same space.  In the afternoon, from 4-6, it becomes a resource centre for iKhaya graduates, ages 12-14.  The program is designed to help students improve computer literacy, meet with mentors for homework help, research projects and receive further guidance for future education.  Structured support will include visits from successful business, entertainment and government leaders as guest speakers to encourage students to not only stay in school but to excel and look forward to high school and university; to become strong, successful leaders in their community.


Additional Structured Activities: Soccer and Netball (Mid April 2015 a soccer pitch will be installed at iKhaya and coaches from the Hout Bay Football Club will be provided for the youth.)


Interactive Arts Workshop with emphasis on creativity targeting personal and interpersonal development.

Theme:  “Me-Scapes” or “What it’s Like to be Me”     Focus:  Self-discovery through creative expression

Participants explore different aspects of themselves with an end result of having an art exhibit


Enterprise Development opportunity:  The architect who designed iKhaya’s classrooms has offered to teach the teens how to make the lights that hang inside the classrooms.  We hope to introduce him in the third term to launch the program by speaking on his career as an architect followed by workshops for building the lights which can then be sold at the Visitors Centre, Open Day, Auction and other events.


Maths assistance via Kahn Academy.


Opportunity for students to develop local student quarterly publication.


The younger Ikasi students will attend at least once a week as an introduction to allow them to choose to return to iKhaya until they reach the age and grade appropriate to join Ikasi.  The younger Ikasi youth will visit an additional day as an intro to the pilot project and to provide Ikasi mentors opportunity to devote their services full-time to the 10th, 11th and 12th grades.  The older, successful Ikasi youth will visit iKhaya weekly as mentors which will aid in discovering a sense of leadership among the community.


Visitor Centre


Parent/Teen Centre will double as a Visitor Centre for the Township Tours visitors that frequent Imizamo Yethu and iKhaya Le Themba.  The Visitor Centre will provide job creation for  needy parents to run a small café serving coffee, tea and baked goods.  This will provide not only an opportunity to earn but experience for future employment to previously unemployed.  Our live-in caretaker is keen to act as tour guide and to train other parents and mentor interested teens, providing further opportunity for employment.  The Visitor Centre will also provide for fundraising opportunities for the iKhaya le Themba project and a chance for some of our teens to developt their public speaking and business skills – perhaps through history talks at the centre or walking/bicycle tours of Hout Bay, etc.