In late April 2012 the Fellowship held its first formal event, a week-long workshop in London for senior managers of public sector health facility development in Western Cape, South Africa and designers, planners and managers of health projects based in the UK.

The workshop was designed to foster understanding and an exchange of ideas between architects and engineers engaged in the planning for, design monitoring, and procurement management of public sector health facilities in the Western Cape of South Africa, and UK professionals with similar experience.

The workshop participants gained valuable insights from debating the successes and failures of processes in both countries and, by using current Western Cape and UK project examples it identified a series of tangible improvements to current practices in South Africa and the UK.

The workshop proved such a success that the Fellowship has been invited to co-host a second event with Western Cape. This will be held in Cape Town in October 2013, with participants from Gauteng, KNZ, Eastern Cape and central government.

Informal participant feedback from the first workshop included:

‘A very beneficial and enjoyable interaction, made so by the warmth, openness and expertise of you and your Fellowship colleagues.’

‘A most informative and enjoyable week… the calibre and stature of the individuals that you were able to pull into the workshop was exceptional and the input we received from them, along with your esteemed selves of course, was fantastic.’